Yes, your read the title right. Why you should not make New Year’s resolutions. NOT is a strong word, but I believe you will get the message by the end of this post.

So we all know the end of the year is a solemn time to reflect on how the year went. Reflect on the past achievements and accomplishments as well as the past difficulties and disappointments. We reflect on the goals we accomplished and the ones that did not make it past January 2nd. After reflecting, the next line of action is usually to conjure up a new list for the new year approaching. A list filled with goals, and new things to accomplish. And so begins the vicious cycle. The “New year, New Me” campaign starts in full swing. Very repetitive don’t you think?

Instead of making a list of New Years Resolution, how about making new and improved lifestyle changes that can be achieved in small increments on a day to day basis.

So here is what that would look like:

Instead of “Trying to loose 10 pounds in 6 months.” You would “Try replacing sugary drinks with water and eat more fruit rather than high carbohydrates snacks for a week.”

Instead of “Starting a new business from scratch” you would “Try waking up early in the morning on Mondays and Wednesday before work starts and begin forming a business plan module”

This breaks down resolutions from wishful goals to realistic lifestyle changes. Ultimately you want to improve and refine yourself, lifestyle changes assist you in making your goals and aspirations look less daunting, more appealing, and more attainable.

Lifestyle changes can also be enjoyable and improve your overall quality of life. The 21/90 rule does say that it takes 21 days straight of repetition to make a new habit. Adopting good habits is always a fulfilling challenge!

I challenge you to rip up your New Years Resolution list, start all over and make attainable lifestyle changes in 2023. Give yourself the grace you deserve and make sure to remember everyday is a new opportunity to refine yourself, your life, and your situation into whatever and whomever you desire it to be.

Happy New Year!


5 responses to “Why you should NOT make New Year’s resolutions…”

  1. Pooja G Avatar

    This is great advice, I started making goals instead of resolutions a few years ago and it helped actually progress and achieve things.

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    1. Mofe Avatar

      Thanks Pooja! Yes, it definitely makes a difference

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      1. Pooja G Avatar

        My pleasure!


  2. kegarland Avatar

    I agree, but I also think the word “resolution” holds a bad reputation, when really it’s just a promise to yourself. I think we should think about why it’s so hard to resolve to do something that would positively benefit us.

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    1. Mofe Avatar

      That is very true! Perspective is vital

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