So you are thinking about starting mindfulness journaling and you do not know where to start? You are in the right place!

Try using these FIVE different Journal prompts to help you feel more present, grounded and mindful

Mindful Journaling is a helpful and powerful tool to utilize to express yourself. You can feel a sense of relief once you put words to paper and let out the emotions and expressions harboring in your heart and spirit. Use these five journal prompts to get started journaling today.

Prompt #1: Rough Day ..”Today I am aware of my emotions. I feel ___________. Three things that attributed to these feelings are: 1. ___________________________ 2.________________________ 3.________________________. In order to feel better three things I will do is: 1._______________________ 2.__________________________ 3.__________________________”

Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Identify the triggers that cause you to feel that way. Then identify things you can do to aid in making you feel better or more elevated.

Prompt #2: Gratitude .. “Today I am grateful for________________ because__________________”

We often get carried away with stressors of life and forget to appreciate the pockets of happiness we feel from time to time. Reflecting on things you are grateful for can aid in increasing your overall happiness.

Prompt #3: Positive Self-Affirmations.. “I am a worthy person because_________________. I feel good when I __________________________. My favorite thing about myself is ____________________________ because ________________________.

Give yourself GRACE! You are only human and deserve grace regardless of anything. Everyone is flawed and its okay. The enriching thing about humans is that there is something beautiful in everyone of us!

Prompt #4: Core Values.. “I strongly believe that ____________________” I also believe in ______________________. My core values are ____________________, By the end of the week I will express these values by_________________________ .

Core Values guide your everyday beliefs. It is valuable to reflect on what really matters to you at your core. Align your core values with your actions. Incorporating goal setting allows you to be more mindful of your future and focus on how todays actions can help you tomorrow!

Prompt #5: Visualization: “I would describe how I feel with the animal ______ because ______________. I would describe how I want to feel with the animal__________ because___________.

Sometimes visualizing images can be very helpful in helping to understanding your own emotions. Animals are also creatures we as humans can identify with. For example, if I say “I would describe how I feel with the animal LION,” you would probably assume I feel courageous, fierce, brave and triumphant. Be creative. Visualize what you feel like and what you aspire to feel like.


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