Positive self-affirmations is a great way to practice self care. They are great confidence boosters and can be used to help pick you up when you are having a bad day.

Positive self-affirmations help:

  • Increase your happiness
  • Motivate you to act
  • Strengthen your self worth
  • Change your negative thought patterns
  • Concentrate and focus on your goals
  • Instills ambition

Take a look a these 40 positive self-affirmations you can adopt to your daily life:

  • I like myself today
  • I am optimistic because today is a new day
  • I am a good person deserving of good things
  • I am special and unique
  • I attract positivity and prosperity
  • My body is beautiful
  • I am capable and will not fail
  • I am a champion
  • I am not a failure
  • Success is my birthright
  • My future is bright
  • I am worthy of love and respect
  • I am fearless
  • I attract good energy
  • I glow like a star
  • I am in control of my life
  • I am still learning so it is okay to make mistakes
  • I am and always will be good enough
  • I embrace challenges and persevere through them
  • I deserve and receive massive amounts of love everyday
  • Good things are happening
  • Being positive will come easy to me
  • I attract opportunities
  • I am growing and going at my own pace
  • I am peaceful and whole
  • I breathe in healing, I exhale painful things that burden my heart
  • I do not rush through my life, I rest in stillness
  • I embrace change seamlessly
  • I invite abundance and a generous heart
  • I strive for joy not perfection
  • My life is not a race or a competition
  • When I feel fear, I feed trust
  • I am allowed to feel good
  • I am complete as I am, others simply support me
  • I am more than my circumstances dictate
  • I am valued and helpful
  • I am understood and my perspective is helpful
  • I breathe in trust, I exhale doubt
  • I do all things in love
  • I deserve to be respected

Download the free PDF to share these positive self-affirmations with someone who needs it!


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