Emotional support animals or ESA’s are animals that provide relief and support for individuals with psychiatric disabilities or mental health diagnosis. These animals provide companionship and hold a therapeutic role in the lives of many individuals living with behavioral health diagnosis. Often times when we think of ESA’s we think of dogs, but dogs are not the only animals that people use as ESAs. Here are ten different ESA’s other than dogs:

  1. Rabbits: Domesticated rabbits are playful, and adorable! They are easy to bond with too! Rabbits make excellent support animals for people with depression and anxiety!
  2. Cats: Cats can be calming, playful, and fun animals. Their calm demeanor can be an essential in helping to reduce someone’s anxiety.
  3. Sheep/Goats: Believe it or not domestic goats and sheep can Bring so much joy! Surprisingly they are very intelligent animals. They are generally social animals so having them around will bring excitement and joy to anyones day.
  4. Parrots: This beautiful colorful creature has the great ability to mimic the words anyone says. This makes a parrot a good emotional support animal for anxiety as well as learning disabilities. They come in all types of extravagant colors which makes them a joy to have in the home
  5. Chickens: when chickens are trained and socialize from an early age they are great emotional support animals. They are generally calm and friendly and are very low maintenance as long as you have room for them to roam.
  6. Pigs: Pigs crave attention and are quite social creaturesThey relate quite well with humans in our very intelligent animals. They relate quite well with humans in our very intelligent animals
  7. Miniature Horses/Ponies: Ponies are a little girls best friend every little girl wanted a pony! They’re also very calm animals with a demeanor suited for people with anxiety and depression.
  8. Ducks: Ducks are soft and cuddly creatures. They are very empathetic and can be very helpful for people who have anxiety. When trained from Young they can be very low maintenance animals to care for
  9. Guinea Pigs: These super cute cuddly animals make great emotional support petsThey are small and size fluffy and fun to play with. They are small and size fluffy and fun to play with! They’re small size make them very portable and very low maintenance when well taken care of.
  10. Lizards: awesome people find them to be quite scary reptiles can be emotional support animals as well. They can help to provide comfort. Caring for the animal also helps people to find meaning to their day-to-day life.

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